Cultivating vibrant communities guided by competent, hope filled leaders.

We do this primarily through our Live2Lead John C. Maxwell event and our year round LeadTransformed roundtable process.

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Heartland Leadership Initiative in conjuction with the John Maxwell Company are offering a unique leadership training opportunity for your company or organization.

While off-site training has been difficult due to Covid-19, your team can still benefit from your choice of Live2Lead's 2019 and 2020 world-class speakers.

Schedule this on-line, virtual training facilitated by HLI and choose from ten incredible speakers, target the specific areas you want your team to grow in and have your team participate from anywhere.

LeadTransformed Groups

Our mission is to provide leadership instruction through events and roundtable discussion groups to support individuals in fulfilling the purpose they were created for. The primary way we facilitate this is through our LeadTransformed groups.

This ten week mastermind process, from the Heartland Leadership Initiative, helps leaders of all ages review common sense leadership principles and take consistent action steps to make them common practice.

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Weekly roundtables: A gathering of 4-8 like-minded individuals, guided by a facilitator. 


REVIEW your previous week’s progress


READ a new foundational leadership principle


REFLECT and RATE your current application


Identify a REASON to improve


Drive RESULTS by committing to one very specific achievable next step

What other leaders are saying about LeadTransformed

Penny Firkus

Team Schierl Companies

I have been involved with Lead Transformed for the past 4 years. It has offered me a unique insight to Leadership getting me to think about principles/ideas that I otherwise would not. I have grown both professionally and personally by being present in Lead Transformed.

Nathan Schroeder

Lead Pastor, Highland Church

Lead Transformed has been foundational to much of the growth I have experienced in the past several years.Having made a transition in my role at work a few years ago, I have faced many new experiences. Many of which are beyond my skill set or comfort zone. Lead Transformed has given me the tools to think in new ways and overcome the obstacles I saw in front of me.

Rebecca Gaboda


What I didn't expect from LeadTransformed was the personal growth I obtained. Through this journey I've grown professionally and personally while making wonderful and lasting connections. I now have the resources to continue to practice healthy living and personal awareness on what is truly important to me so I can be the best self I can be!


Heartland Leadership Initiative is proud to be a leadership arm of the Portage County Business Council.