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Andria Davisson

In 2010 Andria invested in a group of community leaders to attend the 3 day live Global Leadership Summit. Though the material was well and the connection between the group flourished the month after the conference with much discussion of new concepts leaders were excited to implement, only minimal changed was reported.

Why? Because of the age-old leadership struggle; the urgent usurping the important. Within weeks the conference notes ended up back on the bookshelf, next to the other “profound lessons” from yesteryear. The pull of the familiar combined with lack of perceived capacity to garner buy-in to our new perspective, led us back into the an only minutely expanded comfort zone. We all saw it, but the questions was how do we solve it?

Heartland Leadership Initiative was born to provide a 2 part solution:

  • Solution Part 1: Bring an annual leadership event locally to impact a greater number of leaders, at all levels of an organization and in multiple sectors, with the same catalytic experience to both refuel and seed leadership skills competency.
  • Solution Part 2: Create an ongoing accountability process to intentionally water those leadership seeds in bite sized pieces over time. The process would foster community, consistency, transparency, and regular evaluation and measurement.

It has now been 6 years and HLI has had over 800 people attend annual conferences, and on average 40 people annually attend the ongoing Leadership roundtables, namely Lead Transformed.