Positive Pressure

After taking some time in January to evaluate our goals and desires for 2018, there is a temptation to take our foot off the gas in February and fall back into old habits; to downplay the desire to improve. To add to this in the North, the gray and cold days can compound this temptation. This creates a perfect opportunity to review the principle of Positive Pressure, written by LaRed business network.

We all should live under pressure but that should not be confused with living under personal
stress. There are two types of leaders; proactive and reactive. A proactive leader looks ahead to know what is coming in the future and makes plans accordingly. He puts himself and others under pressure to achieve the goals and to avoid disaster. A reactive leader answers to circumstances after the problems are created. This produces a leader who is overwhelmed and in a constant state of urgency and stress.

There is a clear difference between pressure and stress. Stress is hard on your body and counterproductive. It can produce health issues, trouble sleeping, a negative outlook and it leaves you exhausted. Proactive pressure is a decision you make for yourself when you are actively seeking to accomplish. It stretches and challenges you. It takes you to a higher level. In sports, for instance, we push ourselves to our maximum capacity in order to win. Likewise, in business, we plan, work, coordinate efforts and maximize resources to attain success. We put pressure on ourselves and others when we want to get something done that is valuable.


You will receive many benefits from putting proactive pressure on yourself:

  1. You will enjoy the passion of following dreams, overcoming obstacles and reaching goals.
  2. You will add value to yourself and those on your team because you are looking for ways to grow and achieve.
  3. You will learn to consistently take ideas and turn them into reality .
  4. You will continually build on past successes and end up loving what you do more and more.


When you put proactive pressure on yourself:

  1. You do not need supervision but instead you will get things done because you put pressure on yourself to meet standards, deadlines and goals.
  2. You will plan because you know that dreams and purposes in life require organization.
  3. You will design strategies to reach goals and maximize your resources.
  4. You will have your eyes set on your objective. Your decisiveness and determination will ensure that you advance.
  5. You will love challenges. You will find that challenges stimulate creative thinking, teamwork and an overcoming attitude.
  6. Your biggest desire will be to achieve something. This is a characteristic found in all of us. The feeling of achievement strengthens self-esteem.


  1. Be proactive, not reactive. Choose and learn to face life under pressure and not under stress.
  2. Look ahead and be alert to what may come. Learn to prevent disaster, avoid bottlenecks and to limit the last minute requests. To maintain high standards, there has to be excellent planning. Enjoy the adrenaline that comes with bigger challenges.
  3. Aim to excel. Do not be satisfied with the status quo. People who make a difference are people who make things happen. They believe achieving the goal is more important than the cost or the pressure required to bring it to fruition.
  4. See things as they could be and not as they are. If you look at a situation and only see the situation, it will remain as it is. If you are looking for possibility, you will find it. Do not passively accept your circumstances. You are a creative person. Keep your mind awake by proactively looking for possibilities.
  5. Pay the price to live under pressure. Stop being a spectator and become the protagonist of your life. Pressure comes with a price but understand that without pressure there will not be anyprogress. “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” (Peter Marshall)
  6. Don’t close your mind to the future. Without dreams and motivations, there is no initiative. Your mind will be activated through exploring, dreaming and looking ahead. When you attain the things your mind has explored, dreamed and projected, it will encourage you to continue. It is a self- sustaining cycle.

Remember… Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become our Results.