LeadTransformed Small Groups

The LeadTransformed semester is a ten week mastermind process from the Heartland Leadership Initiative that helps leaders of all ages review common sense leadership principles and take consistent action steps to make them common practice.

A LeadTransformed semester is a small group of 4 to 8 people meeting once a week for an hour.  We have found that real growth and change happen in a group environment with mutual commitment and accountability. 

While proven leadership material is the basis of our learning, a process of application is where real change and growth happen.

Fits Your Calendar

Our groups meet once every week. Choose one that best fits your schedule below.

Sized to Learn

Our groups range from 4-8 participants; the size we feel best facilitates growth in our leaders.

Fueled by Synergy

This is a gathering of like-minded individuals guided by well trained facilitator

Our Process

Weekly roundtables: A gathering of 4-8 like-minded individuals, guided by a facilitator. 


REVIEW your previous week’s progress


READ a new foundational leadership principle


REFLECT and RATE your current application


Identify a REASON to improve


Drive RESULTS by committing to one very specific achievable next step

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